walking con·sens·us / SkyTime™

an intermedia-adaptation of walking con·sens·us

the dance can be performed during the day, with a strong beamer and the day-sky projected on the performers. at night the projectiong consists of a video-recording of the sky.

in this version the dance is a contribution to SKYTIME™, a project celebrating the wonders of the sky in any medium, by choreographer-filmmaker and intermedia-pioneer Elaine Summers.

just like with its 'plain' version, it is possible to realize this piece in communities around the planet:
always learning new ways with the local performers.

final performance of retrospective Sokrates & Co.'n·sens·us at Emily Harvey Foundation
Venice, Italy, June 12th, 2014, 8 minutes


> full-description brochure with technical details (.pdf)
> original score for the piece

proposal-drawing - for a large version -
                        click this image!

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