con • sens • us  acknowledgements: 


con·sens·us draws extensively from contact-improvisation, Boal-work, and several other meetings & encounters...

special thanks & respect to Elaine Summers and her magnificent pioneer work in choreography and intermedia,
including her extraordinary technique
Kinetic Awareness®

her dances
Invitation to Secret Dancers Circle Dance with Balloons, Buttons and Buttonholes, and Walking Dance for Any Number (among many others) were used extensively and gave a great inspiration during this series.

equally instrumental were the concepts of responsible anarchy and ethical reformation
both coined by Mary O'Donnell-Fulkerson
from many years of her work in Release, plus her teaching of Open Form Composition.

finally, the system of the Six Viewpoints as originated by Mary Overlie (also developed by Anne Bogart / SITI-company) provide an extra framework of orientation and to create successfully in a situation.


thanks to the following individuals and organisations for support / co-production:

- Elaine Summers Dance & Film Company / Kinetic Awareness® Center New York
- Corien van der Poll, Stichting Epicentrum, Arnhem
- Saco Bekius, Stichting Akasha, Arnhem
- Mary O'Donnell-Fulkerson Release
- Mary Overlie Six Viewpoints
- Ingrun Schnitzler, Eva Karczag, Luz da Camera, Donald Springer Claudia Heu, Andreas Simon
- Daniela Swarowsky, ZiM (Zwaanshals / Zenith in Motion), Rotterdam
- Christine De Smedt, Les Ballets Contemporains de la Belgique Gent (permission for score from 9x9 developed with Marten Spångberg)
- Cuartito Azul Rotterdam
- Amanda Rouse, Arturo Vidich, Doron Hanoch, New York
- Mirta Demare, organisation of Perambulaçãogallery Mirta Demare Rotterdam, Aharona Israel, Geeske Kanters
- Ludger F.J. Schneider & Donatella Chiancone-Schneider, Cologne
- Nora de Baan, Squatdeluxe, Miquel de Jong / two2move dance company, Lydia Mueller

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